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BMW Business Cup Regatta - Biograd, Croatia – Finishes with good weather, good sailing, and very satisfied participants
The mood at this year’s event was one of the best ever, as good weather, and higher standards of organisation led the 400 participants to great sailing and socializing.

Wednesday’s sailing- The day began with a navigational race with some last minute changes, sailing around the islands of Gangaro, Gnalic and Kozina, as well as Veli and Mali Artica. The overall winners are as follows:

Bavaria Cruiser 40S class
1 ) Andrea Castronovo (30, BMW Sail Racing Academy)
2 ) Michael Zöchling (27, BAR)
3 ) Alfred Minassian (36, Red Bulletin)

Open Class with Spinnaker
1 ) Johann Köchl (7, Tyrol)
2 ) Marc Schinerl (14, Aichfeld Yachting)
3 ) Anton Stader (water sport center Attersee)

FY without Spinnaker
1 ) Manfred Schöchl (50, Schöchl yacht building)
2 ) Helmut Mobius (1, FGGK Finowfurt)
3 ) Alfred Pühringerhütte (47, Göschlberger)

Results for the whole event and various classes listed in following link

Photo : Gert Schmidleitner/BMW Business Cup Regatta
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