USA. Snell Real Estate presents research report of luxury real estate market in Los Cabos

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Steady population growth, increases in tourism, land development and home purchases confirm 'The Baja Boom' and more of the same is expected for the upcoming year. The first comprehensive study of Los Cabos' luxury real estate market, commissioned by Chris Snell of Snell Real Estate, has been released and is available for purchase at $5,000. The research and figures provide in-depth details including a reliable baseline for comparing current and future market activity, as well as historical data on the luxury real estate market in Los Cabos. "This report provides great analytical insight on the luxury resort-residential market in Los Cabos," said PricewaterhouseCoopers' Senior Associate, Hospitality & Leisure Consulting, Financial Advisory Services, Ilan Marcoschamer. The scope of the report is comprehensive; the 261-page document includes: -- A geographical profile of the region -- Major destination highlights -- A demographical profile -- A socio-economic profile -- A comprehensive description of tourism activity -- In-depth analyses of the hotel and golf industries -- Descriptions and data about the major area master-planned communities -- Extensive information on area comparables The report contains many valuable statistics, including detailed explanations of area appreciation rates, from the report, "Some luxury beach front villas during the previous 4-year period have registered appreciation rates from 27% up to nearly 35%." "Not only is the report a critical tool for developers and investors to the Los Cabos area providing demographic, geographic and socio-economic trends, it provides valuable information to potential homebuyers including listings and amenities of master-planned communities, places to go, things to do and more," said Snell, Snell Real Estate's CEO. "This report is an investment in our community's future," continued Snell, a Los Cabos resident. "We feel like we understand our neighbors, and now we are able to share that information with others so that Los Cabos can continue on its path of growth and progress."

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 July 2006 )