UK. Olympic Delivery Authority makes clear support for London Living Wage

Friday, 17 November 2006

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has set out its support for the London Living Wage. Speaking at the Tenth Assembly celebrations of The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) at York Hall, Bethnal Green, ODA Director of Construction Howard Shiplee said:

“For whatever reason, I think there has been a level of misunderstanding around the ODA’s position on the London Living Wage. We have gone away and looked very carefully at how we can give more clarity recognising the constraints of the legal advice that we have received on the issue. I would like to make three points which I hope help meet some of the concerns expressed in recent months.

The ODA is absolutely committed to encouraging fair employment practices including wage levels offered by contractors. 

So we will make it clear in the invitation to tender for ODA contracts that we want to see contractors adopting the best employment practices including trade union recognition, absolute commitment to health and safety and sufficient wage levels. For those tenders within London’s boundary, we will make it clear that we fully support the London Living Wage.

Legally we cannot make the London Living wage a blanket condition. However we are required by Government to demonstrate value for money in all our contracting and we have to consider how to achieve our overall objectives on a case by case basis, as we let each contract. We will ask our contractors if they would be prepared to adopt fair employment measures including the London Living Wage for any work they are doing as part of an ODA contract. These issues will be taken into account when we advertise contracts and consider tenders. They form part of the overall value for money judgement which we must make. Obviously we will be particularly concerned about those areas that traditionally pay lower wage levels and how they might be addressed.

“It is worth adding that in respect of current work underway at the Olympic Park everyone working on the project is receiving at least the London Living Wage.  The next major contracts are for demolition and remediation works within the Park and the contractors appointed for this work have committed to fair employment policies, which includes the London Living Wage. We will monitor and publish data on the London Living Wage as the project moves forward.

“I hope you recognise that these commitments show that the ODA does share the aspirations of TELCO on this issue and is making every attempt we can to put them into practice given our overall responsibilities. We have listened to you and I believe responded in a way which is fair to you, fair to London and fair to those organisations which are helping to fund the Games.”

Last Updated ( Friday, 17 November 2006 )