Australia. Walker Corporation resubmits application for Tasmanian waterfront & marina development

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon has announced that the Walker Corporation has resubmitted an application for a $300 million waterfront housing and marina development at Lauderdale Quay. He said State Cabinet had endorsed his decision to recommend to the Governor that he make an order declaring the proposed development at Ralph’s Bay on Hobart’s eastern shore going forward as a Project of State Significance.

“It is the State Government’s intention to seek parliamentary approval for the Walker Corporation’s proposal for Lauderdale Quay to be treated as a Project of State Significance,” Mr Lennon said. “I hope the order will be introduced on Thursday next week to allow plenty of time for public discussion ahead of a debate when Parliament resumes at the end of August.  The passing of that order will allow the project to be properly tested under our tough planning laws by the Resource Planning and Development Commission.

Mr Lennon went on to say “The Government also will introduce legislation to clear up uncertainties over the boundaries of the conservation zone in Lauderdale Quay and to ensure the beach is protected. This is about allowing Tasmania’s world-class planning scheme to be tested with the project judged on its merits. If the Lauderdale Quay development goes ahead it will mean an investment of $300 million, including $60 million capital investment in the first four years, and 500 construction jobs and 2,200 jobs in the economy.”

Mr Lennon said he was pleased Walker Corporation had resubmitted plans for the 500 lot waterfront housing and marina development after it withdrew from the project last September. “When Walker Corporation withdrew because of the political campaign against it I expressed my disappointment then and urged them not to turn their back on Tasmania because of what had happened,” he said. “I am pleased they have shown faith in Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government by resubmitting their development proposal. This development proposal will be subject to rigorous scrutiny and it will proceed only if it meets the strict tests that our planning laws demand. The Government will accept the independent umpire’s decision.”

Mr Lennon said he had written to the Federal Minister for Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, and Walker Corporation advising them of Cabinet’s decision.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 July 2006 )