Thursday, 28 December 2017

The smooth lines of many boats provide a fresh, contemporary look, but often lack suitable places to store binoculars, air horns and other essential gear. Soft-Mate Equipment Holders from Beckson Marine safely secure a variety of devices without scratching or marring finishes.

Made from a soft, flexible PVC compound, Soft-Mate Equipment Holders come in a number of versatile models. The HH-4 Binocular Holder, for example, secures expensive optics along with log books, navigational charts and tools. In addition to accommodating winch handles, the HH-1, HH-2 and HH-3 models work for screwdrivers, fillet knives and other slender objects. Both are available in white.

The HH-6 is a beverage holder and can also store portable air horns, flashlights and other small cylindrical equipment. The HH-61 version is for cans with insulators and larger bottles. Model HH-8 secures portable VHF handsets or other similarly-sized items, while the HH-81 Mini Radio Holder also keeps eyeglass cases, cell phones or gate lock passes organized. These Soft-Mate items are offered in black or whiteFor taller cylindrical items like small fire extinguishers and safety flares, Beckson model HH-9 is ideal. It's available in safety-themed red, as well as black or white colors.

Easy to install anywhere, all Soft-Mate Equipment Holders come with mounting screws. Suction cup mounts are also available for the HH-1, HH-6, HH-61, HH-8 and HH-81 models for temporary installation or applications where drilling is not desirable. Equally useful for storage on an RV or around the house, suggested retail prices for Beckson Soft-Mate Equipment Holders range from $16.90 to $57.50.

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