Naval Dome CEO Itai Sela in response to Clarksons cyber security breach

Friday, 01 December 2017


“The announcement yesterday that ship broker Clarksons confirmed its computer systems were breached in a major cyber-security attack is a further indication how the global maritime industry is very much in the cross-hairs of the cybercriminal. The rise in the number of onboard and shore-based systems that are connected to the Internet and the use of wireless and cloud-based technologies is changing the security landscape. The shipping industry must make sure that these developments do not expose all sectors of the shipping industry, including the cruise, leisure and merchant segments, to the sophisticated and diverse methods used by hackers, political and environmental activists, business competitors and ransom pirates.  While there is no argument that increased connectivity will deliver significant commercial and operational advantages, today, more than ever, cyber security has to be the number one priority for the shipping industry. To this end, we are working with key stakeholders to establish global cyber maritime defence standards and guidelines based around our intelligence agency grade, multi-layered cyber protection technology."



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