UK. Marine South East partners new European project on Clean Inland Shipping

Monday, 01 August 2016

A new European project which will look at Clean Inland Shipping, called CLINSH has been launched under the European LIFE fund. The project, of which Marine South East is a partner aims to cooperate with partners to preserve the inland waterways.

Compared to other modes of transport, the inland waterway transport sector is underdeveloped in reducing emissions and developing clean technology. This is partly because ships and engines are long-lasting. The financial strength for investments in new material or adjustments is often lacking.

The CLINSH project will look at the technical and the socio-economic aspects of inland waterway transport. To reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), alternative fuels or supplementary technologies are used to clean exhaust gases (such as selective catalytic reduction via an SCR  catalytic converter).
Partners in the project include ports, universities and industry associations, with the province of Zuid-Holland leading the project. The partners in the project shall cooperate and contribute financially to measures to promote a cleaner inland waterway transport. European cooperation and commitment of European resources are required to finance this transition in the inland waterway sector.

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