UK. United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace declaration

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

We, signatories to the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration and the members of the United for Wildlife International Taskforce on the transportation of illegal wildlife products1, recognising the devastating impact of illegal wildlife trade, agree to the Commitments set out below, as they apply to our industry or organisation.

We, as signatories to the Declaration, will not knowingly facilitate or tolerate the carriage of wildlife products, where trade in those products is contrary to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora (CITES)2, and as such is illegal under international and national laws.

We agree to implement the Commitments relating to our own industry sector or organisational mandate, as part of our intention to tackle this issue and bring an end to illegal wildlife trade3.

We agree to evaluate the impact of the Commitments regularly, to assess what has worked and identify and address any challenges.

We ask the entire transport industry to follow our lead and help bring an end to the illegal trade in wildlife by signing this Declaration and supporting implementation of the Commitments.



Adopt or encourage the adoption of a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal wildlife trade.

Increase passenger, customer, client, and staff awareness about the nature, scale, and consequences of illegal wildlife trade.

Promote the Declaration and its Commitments across the entire transport sector and encourage all in the sector to sign up to the Declaration.


Develop mechanisms to enable the transport sector to receive timely information about the transport of suspected illegal wildlife and their products, including methods of transportation, key routes, ports and other locations.

Enhance data systems, including due diligence and risk assessment, to allow the transport sector and/or enforcement agencies to screen data and/or cargo, to identify potential shipments of suspected illegal wildlife and their products.

Identify and promote systems for staff and the public to report suspicions in relation to the transportation of illegal wildlife and their products.

Improve the training of staff within the transport sector to enable them to detect, identify and report suspected illegal wildlife trade, and acknowledge staff who champion this cause. 


Develop a secure, harmonised system for passing information about suspected illegal wildlife trade from the transport sector to relevant customs and law enforcement authorities, where permitted by law.

Notify relevant law enforcement authorities of cargoes suspected of containing illegal wildlife and their products and, where able, refuse to accept or ship such cargoes.

Establish a cross-disciplinary team working with local customs and law enforcement authorities to develop a system of best practice for combatting illegal wildlife trade in key ports.


Support the development of mechanisms by the World Customs Organization and national customs authorities to aid the detection and prevention of trade in illegal wildlife and their products.




China COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd.

Mr Zhang Junhong

Senior Manager of Department of Operating Management

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Mr John Scanlon

Secretary General

Cruise Lines International Association

Mr Andrew Harmer

Vice President for European Operations

DHL UK & Ireland

Mr Phil Couchman

Chief Executive Officer

DLA Piper

Mr Linos Choo


Dubai Ports World

His Excellency Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem

DP World Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Emirates Airline

Sir Tim Clark

President and CEO

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Mr James Duddridge

Minister for Africa, the Overseas Territories, and Caribbean

International Air Transport Association

Mr Tony Tyler


International Maritime Organization

Mr Kitack Lim

Secretary General

Kenya Airways

Mr Mbuvi Ngunze

Group Managing Director and CEO

Maersk Group

Mr Anders Würtzen

Vice President, Head of Group Public Affairs, A.P. Moller

Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association

Ms Si Ping

Division Director

United Nations Development Programme – Global Environment Facility

Ms Adriana Dinu

Executive Coordinator and Director

Wildlife Conservation Society

Dr Sue Lieberman

Vice President International Policy

World Customs Organisation

Mr Sergio Mujica

Deputy Secretary General

World Wildlife Fund - UK

Dr Glyn Davies

Executive Director, Global Programmes

African Airlines Association

Mr Elijah Chingosho

Secretary General

Air China Cargo Co. Ltd.

Mr Yuen (Francis) Chun Sing

General Manager Service Standards and Development

Airports Council International

Ms Angela Gitten

Director General

Baltic and International Maritime Council

Mr Angus Frew

Secretary General

China Post Group Corporation

Mr Wang Dong

Deputy Division Director

Danish Shipowners Association

Ms Anne H. Steffensen

Director General

Etihad Airways

Mr James Hogan

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hamburg Sud

Dr Gast & Dr Verpermann

Board Members

International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners

Mr David Tongue

Secretary General

International Airlines Group

Mr Jonathon Counsell

Group Head of Sustainability

International Chamber of Shipping

Mr Peter Hinchliffe

Secretary General

James Fisher

Mr Richard Burmeister

Managing Director

Japanese Shipowners’ Association

Mr Yoshikiyo Ono 

Director General 

Liberian Shipowners’ Council Ltd

Mr Joseph Ludwiczak

Secretary General


Mr Tino La Spina

Chief Financial Officer

Qatar Airways

Mr Ulrich Ogiermann

Chief Cargo Officer

South African Airways

Mr Musa Zwane

Acting CEO

Stena Line UK

Mr Hans Noren


Stolt-Nielsen Ltd.

Mr Jan Engelhardtsen

Chief Financial Officer

Sustainable Shipping Initiative

Mr Alastair Fischbacher

Chief Executive

UK Chamber of Shipping

Mr David Balston

Director of Policy

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