Illustrated advertising for 75 on the BYM home page?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


BYMNews Carrousel advertising                

A home page advertisement of 560 x 260 pixels for just €75 PCM + set up €30

These high profile rotating  carousels head up the BYMNews home page, Product  &  Industry and Sports News Indexes..

Centrally positioned the revolving carousel remains in place every time a news  item is opened


For other advertising see  practical demonstrations and how to place the series of BYMNews opening advertisements

It’s all here in one colourful Master Presentation.

And our incredible  advertising prices below

BYMNews Spring 2015 Advertising Price Structure

Opening Six in One

232 x 174 pixels opening to 800 x 550 pixels, all pages €125 plus once only set up €50.

Opening advertisements

232 x 174 pixels opening to 800 x 550 pixels, all pages €100 plus once only set up €75.

Non opening advertisements

232 x 174 pixels all pages €75.

Left hand side bar all indexes

120 x 100 pixels €40 Text only

120 x 250 pixels €65 with image

Centre page top banner

470 x 60 pixels €50 all pages

Centre Page Carousel advertising

560 x 260 pixels €75 all pages + once only set up € 30

For carousel details please see: Carousel Advertising page

Photo gallery advertising

For gallery details please see: Gallery Advertising page

All photo gallery advertising has a set up fee of €30.

Category advertisements

Americas Cup, Ocean & coastal, Dinghies & skiffs, Regattas - €125 each

Remaining categories €75 each.


Working examples can be seen throughout the site.

All advertising is for a minimum 3 month consecutive period.

All advertising charges of under €250 must be pre-paid.

"All pages" denotes one insertion on any BYMNews index page

No set up charges are made unless indicated providing the advertisement is ready to use or is submitted as an image with text. All prices are for one calendar month.

These conditions supersede all those previously published.

For any further details and discounts please contact me at [email protected]

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 April 2015 )