America's Cup Action, results, comment, first hand reports, interviews, exclusive pictures and more.

Visiting Valencia, BYM correspondent and Valencia resident, William Wallace, gives a satyrical guide to Valencia.

Nationality Rules, this edition of the America's Cup is the most international in history.

On-board electronics, how BMW ORACLE Racing utilises on-board electronics of high-tech yachts USA 87 and USA 98 with BMW expertise.

Round Robin Race Schedule, this is the pairing list based on the Louis Vuitton Cup Notice of Race.

Antipodean Voodoo, did all that shouting and dancing in grass skirts put the mockers on the weather.

Valencia Weather, a quick summary and guide to the general Valencia weather situation.

Bendy Keel, is this Alinghi's secret weapon?

Behind ETNZ, Dutch born entrepreneur Ronald de Waal is a long time supporter.

James Spithill, The young gun.

Conspiracy, "There are lies, damned lies and statistics."

China Team's Troubles, Speculation has been rife.

Round Robin Round Up, Our man in Valencia gives his view of team chances, after watching the first round.

Chinese Sponsor, China Team will be back!

Louis Vuitton Losers, On the venue, the organisation, the rules & who will win the America's Cup

Riches, The powers behind the Louis Vuitton Cup semi-finalists

MareNostrum, Desafio Espanol's ace-in-the-hole

That Keel, What the measurement committee has to say

Kiwi Questions, Professor Roger Boshier on Kiwi views, Russell Coutts and millionaires

More Kiwi Questions, Professor Roger Boshier on Larry Ellison, Government support and nationality rules

Final Kiwi Questions, Professor Boshier on celebrations, Peter Blake, Kiwi passion and the ETNZ taniwha

No Nationality Rules , No-one has the right to go against the original Deed of Gift

The Syndicate , Why the Deed of Gift is as it is

The Motives , Why did the schooner America go to Britain to race?

Alinghi Must Win , Find out why most of the challengers want Alinghi to win