Stories about the 33rd America's Cup, including many interviews with key players
Soci??Nautique de Gen?e

The last Trustee
Mercury Bay rulings ignored

Judge Kornreich

A judge's dilemma
The influence of hopes and anxieties

Al Hamra

Impressions of RAK
"We have never had a problem with Iran."

RAK Conference

Quotes from RAK
There is no venue contingency plan

Nigel Irens

Enter an Indian
Who is John Tommy Rosas?

Alinghi catamaran

Is the RAK venue suit just a prelude?

Alinghi 5 sailing

Alinghi talk
"You won’t want to go back to the old boats"

Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto explains
"There is no technology without people."

Change of tune

Change of tune
Only one design restriction

Nigel Irens

Nigel Irens
Unlikely to be a determinant factor

Alinghi catamaran

Alinghi catamaran
"The lighter you can make it, the faster."

America's Cup damaged

Damaged Cup
"Refrain from creating uncertainty"

George Schuyler Trust

George Schuyler Trust
Is it a true charitable Trust?


Who owns the America's Cup?


Wishes come true
A multi-challenger event in multihulls.

Newport Club House

1887 Deed of Gift
"Unjust and unsportsmanlike"

Alessandra Pandarese

Alessandra Pandarese
"There is no practical reason for secrecy"

Scot Tempesta

Scot Tempesta
"Amazing sailors from every walk of life."

Bill Koch

Bill Koch
"Any challenger knows he's in a rigged game."

Marc Pajot

Marc Pajot
"They have put right those mistakes."

Mike Sanderson

Mike Sanderson
"It’s a good thing to change the boat."

Murray Jones

Murray Jones
"You might end up frustrated"

Trofeo Desafio

Trofeo Desafio
"Something written 150 years ago? Incredíble!"

Brad Butterworth

Brad Butterworth
"We are much stronger as a group "

Dyer Jones

Dyer Jones
"overall they did a hell of a job"


Look at the profiles & judge for yourself


"Worst text in history"
A letter that might prevent court action

Professor Dennis Baron

Professor Baron
"It doesn't rule out new clubs"

Bruno Troubl?LVPS

Bruno Troubl?/a>
"Aucune intention malicieuse "

Bruno Troubl?LVPS

Bruno Troublé
"There is no malicious intent"

Ehman Interview

Ehman Interview
"Fair rules" "Fair rules" "Fair rules"

BMW Oracle 90

BMW Oracle
"Better all-round performance"

Marc Lombard

Marc Lombard
"A total lack of imagination"

Franck Cammas multicoques

Marc Lombard
"Un manque total d’imagination"

Paolo Scutellaro Argo

Paolo Scutellaro
"Equal conditions with experienced teams"

Vincenzo Onorato Mascalzone

Vincenzo Onorato
"Alinghi will decide unilaterally"

Salvatore Sarno Shosholoza

Salvatore Sarno
"The blame is not with Ernesto Bertarelli"

Franck Cammas multihulls

Franck Cammas
"Safety has to be a priority"

Franck Cammas multicoques

Franck Cammas
"Avoir en priorité la sécurité"

Ken read on Puma

Barry Ostrager
"Capable, congenial Team Alinghi"

Lucien Masmejan TNZ

Lucien Masmejan
"Both TNZ cases are extremely weak"

Francis Joyon multihulls

Multihull Sailors
"Maybe 60 feet can beat 90 feet?"

Ed Baird Alinghi

Ed Baird
"Really far apart, really quickly"

James Spithill BMW Oracle

James Spithill
"If you make a mistake its all over."

Bertarelli Ehman

"Are Bertarelli and Ehman far apart?"

Tom Schnackenberg Alinghi

Half a Lawyer
"started looking at heavy lift helicopters"

Alinghi timeline

Attempts to reach agreement

Alinghi Design Team

Alinghi Design Team
talks of multis and leadmines

John Barnitt Alinghi

John Barnitt
talks of making the best of it

Alinghi sailing

again has sport at the heart of its activity

Giles Ollier Multiplast

Giles Ollier
Expert opinion on multihull builds

Mercury Bay Boating Club

talks of the common denominator

Ehman on Coutts

Tom Ehman
talks on Coutts, the DoG match & more

Salvatore Sarno Bertarelli

Salvatore Sarno
talks of Ernesto Bertarelli's vision

Jochen Schuemann

Jochen Schuemann
talks about the power struggle

Vincenzo Onorato America's Cup

Vincenzo Onorato
"How to Save the America's Cup"

Lucien Masmejan Alinghi counsel

Lucien Masmejan
talks about the DoG match dates

Grant Dalton lawsuits

Grant Dalton
talks of the TNZ lawsuits

Michel Hodara Team New Zealand

Michel Hodara
reacts to Team New Zealand lawsuits

China Team beats BMW Oracle

China Team
Did BMWO's defeat trigger the lawsuit?

GGYC Monohull barge

GGYC Monohull
Too little, too late & much too inaccurate?

John Harwood Bee

John Harwood-Bee
gives a marketing man's perspective

Grant Simmer Bertarelli

Grant Simmer
explains Ernesto Bertarelli's vision

Sebastien Destremau

Seb Destremau
thinks it will be in multihulls

Mike Sanderson

Mike Sanderson
"Put aside private & personal agendas"

Lucien Masmejan SNG

Lucien Masmejan
explains the SNG ultimatum

Marcus Hutchinson

Marcus Hutchinson
"Drop the court case, Larry"

Tom Schnackenberg boat rule

Tom Schnackenberg
explains how the new boat rule evolved

Captain Salvatore Sarno

Salvatore Sarno
appeals from an intensive care unit

America's Cup history

A crucial day in AmCup history

BMW Oracle questions

BMW Oracle
Alinghi answers, why doesn't BMWO?

Brad Butterworth settlement

Brad Butterworth
on the chances of settlement

Jochen Schuemann Team Germany

Jochen Schuemann
on Team Germany hopes & plans

Team Germany

Team Germany
A very different challenge

Andy Claughton TeamOrigin

Andy Claughton
talks of TeamOrigin plans

Patrick Shaughnessy Farr Desafio

Pat Shaughnessy
talks of Farr with Desafio Espanol

Alinghi Answers

Alinghi Answers
media questions at a phone in

Hamish Ross court case

Hamish Ross
explains aspects of the court action

Brad Butterworth J-Class

Brad Butterworth
talks of the J-class inspiration

Commodore Crawford

John Crawford
"Not one vestige of truth"

Tom Ehman affidavit

Tom Ehman
swears about a plot to give TNZ the Cup

Michel Hodara ACM

Michel Hodara
on giving the Cup "verticality"


will Alinghi use a Hydroptere?

Shosoloza enters

Shosoloza Enters
Captain Sarno talks about his team

AC90 yacht

AC90 design
Schickler Tagliapetra ideas


Court Action
A look at the background

Golden Gate Yacht Club

Informal legal view about the case

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