The Spanish Boating Industry


A few larger firms make luxury cruising yachts, which they successfully export, though the turnover of these companies is somewhat less than the larger companies in France, Italy and the UK.

Spain also produces substantial numbers of inflatables, but a high proportion of these come out of French manufacturer Zodiacís Spanish factory.


The majority of Spanish boat builders are very small companies, making small boats, of which a considerable number are traditionally styled llauts.

The interest shown in these craft, at the Barcelona Boat Show, suggests that demand for small boats has perhaps not declined, in Spain, as much as it has in other European countries and almost all sales are to the home market.


The area of the recreational marine industry that Spain is turning to, is the megayacht sector. New marinas, often with extensive repair and refit facilities, are being built to cater for these vessels and, by the end of next year, Spain will have berths for around 1000 large yachts.

This raises two immediate questions: will the yachts come to Spain and, if they do, what will be the effect on the existing boating industry. To find the answers, BYM talked first to Company Martorell, President of Spainís industry association, ADIN.