JEurope, a shipyard located in Olonne-sur-Mer, will be exhibiting six boats at its local show, the Grand Pavois Boat Show in La Rochelle, which runs from September 19 to 24th.
The feature boat will be the French builder’s 40 foot J122. 
Managing Director, Didier Le Moal, talks about JEurope’s success to date and future plans.

How would you sum up the J122's start?

Didier Le Moal: There's no doubt that the J122, JEurope’s 40 footer, has achieved extremely good sporting performances, since its launch in January 2007. It finished third  at the Spi Ouest France, second at La Rochellehe Week and won the Obelix Trophy. The boat entirely meets our expectations, as it is a cruiser/racer that appeals to a large sector, by combining better than averageperformance with a level of comfort equal to many cruisers.

So far, we have delivered 26 J122, since production started in January, and our order book is full till December. For a shipyard like ours, it is a great achievement to be able to produce one boat like this one each week.

The J80 World Championship, at La Trinité-sur-Mer, saw 125 boats on the start line. Is this model still selling?

DLM: "We are pleased to see that the outstanding global  success of the J80 is continuing. We still produce them at the same rate of 12 to 14 a month, mostly for Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands and, sometimes, Ireland.
I've also noticed that the J80’s rarely appear on the second hand market, which means that owners don't often decide to part with them!

What about the rest of your range?

DLM: It is clear our two leading boats are the J122 and the J80, but we are still working hard on the other units; 3 J109s a month, 1 J100, 2 J92s and others.

The Grand Pavois de La Rochelle boat show is coming up in a few days. Which boats will be exhibited?

DLM: The Grand Pavois is a major event for JEurope, since it is located near its shipyard. It is, however, important to note that, between now and the end of the year, we will also take part in other European boat shows. We were in Amsterdam, we will be at Cannes, in Southampton, Genoa, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, etc. At La Rochelle, we will exhibit three ranges of boats: sport boats such as the J80 and the J92s, the J100 and our cruiser range with the J122, the J133 and the J109.

How did the shipyard fare, in the last financial year?

DLM: We ended the 2006 –2007 fiscal year with a €13.5 million turnover, compared to €11.7 million in 2005-2006. We manufactured and distributed 220 boats,60 more than in the previous fiscal year. This increase was partly linked to the J122 and J80’s success, but it was limited by our output capacity and clearly linked to the hiring of skilled workers; we constantly look for staff. Looking back on the figures, it is interesting to note that our turnover is strengthening outside Europe, with sales in Japan, Australia and the United States, whereas our turnover and the number of boats sold in France remains steady.

What are your future prospects?

DLM: JEurope is expanding. We are awaiting delivery of our workshop extension at the end of September, which will give us a further 1500 sq mtrs of covered area. This will allow us to reshape our building system and streamline the flow through our workshops. We will go on with that whilst strengthening our teams. In addition, I should mention that we have recently appointed a new distributor in Germany, who will be present at the Hamburg show.

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J122 order book full until December.
J80 still a global success.
We will also take part in other European boat shows.
Turnover up by almost 2 million.
Workshop extension due by month end.
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