The great thing about internet publishing is that nothing is set in stone, or, to be more accurate, irrevocably committed to a particular piece of paper. August is peak holiday time, in the northern hemisphere, so - as the month progressed - BYM News found itself with fewer and fewer stories coming in and less people reading. Why, we asked ourselves are we acting like paper publishers, with a print deadline, and trying to get together a magazine for people who aren't around to read it? On the other hand, the 33rd America's Cup dispute was hotting up. So, we decided to hold back other August stories for the September magazine and convert the August issue into a new section on the 33rd America's Cup! Another addition to the BYM stable of magazine supplements is one devoted to the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-9. There are just two articles so far, but it will fill up!
  • In late August, BYM News was approached by James Morrison, a journalist working on a news story for the Independent on Sunday about putative plans for the Cutty Sark's future.

    We were aware that, prior to the fire, The Cutty Sark Trust had plans to encapsulate the ship in a glass bubble, to “supposedly” help conserve it, and to add new educational and interpretive facilities. What we did not know, previously, was that there are plans for the ship to be used as a major corporate hospitality venue, with a 70-seater theatre and seating for up to 350 dining guests beneath its hull.

    James Morrison told BYM News “The aim is to make the ship available for everything, from product launches and award ceremonies, through theatrical performances to wedding dinners and breakfasts. Events held at night will also see the ship lit up in the colour and livery of sponsors’ corporate logos; courtesy of a lighting designer who has worked on Rolling Stones concerts.”

    James asked if BYM News had a view on this sort of use of an historic ship, like the Cutty Sark. The consensus was that one word summed up the collective feeling … “Appalled!”

    Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, The Independent on Sunday decided not to use James’ piece as a lead, but cut it to a snippet, so the majority of the British public, who do not follow boating websites, are unaware of these bizarre plans. We wish James every success in raising this issue in some other UK mainstream media.

    Ironically, just a few days after James contacted us, we received a story from a New Zealand ex-merchant seaman, about Cutty Sark and the Pamir; check it out.  

Let us hope that, like BYM News publishing, these putative plans for Britain's finest historic merchantman are not set in stone.

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The Cutty Sark Trust had plans to encapsulate the ship in a glass bubble.
Courtesy of a lighting designer who has worked on Rolling Stones concerts.
Let us hope they are not set in stone.
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