Benetti Legend launch

Between 1960 and 1984, Benetti delivered 20 yachts of 24 metres, most of which are still cruising. Then the trend went to bigger and bigger boats until, a few years ago, research showed that there was a demand for traditional yachts with displacement speed, long range and all the comforts and luxury of the larger Benettis.

So, at the 2005 Cannes Boat Show, Bennetii announced that it was going to recreate a 24 metre model and, two years later, it officially launched the Benetti Legend, at the same show.

The clever thing that Benetti announced about the Legend, back in 2005, was that it had an overall length of 25.5 metres, but a registered length of 23.97 metres, thus allowing the option of registering above or below the 24 metre mark.

Registering below 24 metres had certain advantages: for private use, an owner could opt to use the Italian leasing scheme, with 8% VAT), and skipper the yacht himself with just a simple licence; on the other hand, those wishing to charter could get VAT exemption on the purchase price, fuel and on maintenance and running costs.

Alternatively, because of the design of the yacht it could be registered as over 24 metres and comply with a whole different set of rules, including the MCA. The advantages with the over 24 metre option were: private users could still use the Italian leasing scheme, but, because the length was over 24 metres, it would be a 6% VAT rate and, for charter use, the same VAT exemptions on purchase price, fuel, maintenance and running costs would apply, plus a tax reduction on crew salaries.

So, the Benetti Legend would not only fill a gap in the market, by catering for those who didn't want their 24 metre vessel to be a fuel guzzling, full planing yacht, but would also meet many wide ranging different requirements, for different owners.

The Benetti Legend had a high society style debut.

On September 13, 2007, Paolo Vitelli, President of the Azimut Benetti Group and Vincenzo Poerio, CEO of Benetti, welcomed owners and invited guests to a party. The setting was the delightful Baie Dorée, at Cap d’Antibes, where the first Legend was anchored.

The enchanting location was enhanced by an extraordinary concert, featuring the famous Italian singer Gino Paoli, and a spectacular firework display. The guests enjoyed the night, with many still dancing when the sun came up!

Aldous Grenville-Crowther 
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