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Day 4: Semaine Olympique Franšaise, La Rochelle
Cammas goes for gold as Supermum starts the La Rochelle party ea

Franck Cammas is cherishing his first bullet and looking forward to a big fight on Sunday, some have their calculators out or are acting casual, returning Supermum, Zofia Klepacka is so far ahead she is planning her Saturday night out in La Rochelle and around them the rest are stripping down their boats ready to go home

Such was the scene in Les Minimes boat park as the Semaine Olympique Franšaise in La Rochelle looks forward to its super Sunday medal races with the destination of the gold still not decided in nine out of the ten classes. Only the top 10 go through the medal race and with double points scored in the medal races things can change quickly.

A day of brutally light air with the wind appearing in pockets and as easy to predict as bubbles in a boiling pot, saw some leaders upset and new favourites emerge. Five or six knots of patchy wind ebbed as the day went on and some classes only managed one race. There is a similar forecast for Sunday.

Photo : Thom Touw
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