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Seaway Powell: Success at Seawork International
(left to right): Chris Oswald: Director, Colin Dunford: Seaway Powell Production Manager, Vivian Watson: Hypac General Manager, Tom Bibby: PT USA General Manager)

Seaway Powell Marine, experts in bespoke deck equipment, custom engineering solutions and electro-mechanical actuation, had a very successful week at Seawork International 2014. With our best presence yet, there was a huge amount of interest in both the PT USA V Series Actuator and the Hypac Automatic Windlass.

The PT USA V Series Actuator is a rugged, flexible, low-maintenance actuator platform for linear motion control and is now being built at the Seaway Powell manufacturing facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset. The V Series Actuators can be either retro-fitted or installed as part of a new mechanical system. When combined with modern servo motors and controls, electro-mechanical actuation provides nearly infinite programmability, reduced set-up times and improved control of speed, acceleration, deceleration, force and position. A large and growing list of applications using our actuators can be found here: http://pt-usa.net/applications.html.

Also showcased at Seawork International 2014, was a new Automatic Windlass. Originally designed and manufactured by sister company, Australian based Hypac, the Automatic Windlass forms part of a range of lightweight deck gear, and features an automatic brake for remote operation from the wheel house or pendant control, leaving the foredeck completely clear for loading systems and cargo. Designed for under deck installation, the windlass provides fast haul in to raise the anchor quickly and efficiently, and a creep speed for anchor stowage to protect the vesselsí hull from damage.

For more information on the Automatic Windlass, Custom Deck Equipment, Engineering Solutions and Electro-Mechanical Actuation and where they can be applied in industry, please contact our sales director for the UK and Europe, Jon Whetter, on 07920 162190 or at [email protected]

Photo : Seaway Powell Marine
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