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Race in Paradise ! 200 days before the Groupama Race starts - The start under spinnaker
200 days before the Groupama Race starts
The departure of the 4th sailing tour of New Caledonia will be given on October 19, 2014.

The Groupama Race is the longest leeward-winward race in the world : New-Caledonia is oriented in the direction of the Southeast trade winds. This means that in “normal” wind conditions (Southeast trade winds), the competitors will have 300 NM downwind (under spinnaker) and 300 NM into the wind (being shaken around).

New Caledonia, convienly close by Australia & New Zealand, offers one of the most consistence beautiful sailing conditions in the South Pacific.

The Groupama Race is a race in paradise!

The attractions of the Groupama Race
Everything is there to make this competition a classic offshore race:

600 milles windward and leedward race
a race which is both offshore and coastal
2 favourite sailing directions, downwind and into the wind: a veritable giant Olympic course
exceptional beauty, the course goes along the reefs and in a lagoon which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List
favourable weather conditions : warm water & trade winds
a region where you find the best sailors in the world (proximity to Australia and New Zealand make it possible to have top level teams participating)
local sailors who are seasoned and motivated
Franck Cammas, one of the actual best sailors in the world is the godfather of this évent
… and if the Sydney-Hobart has his Bass Strait, the Groupama Race has his mythic Grand Passage where you will surf on big waves and encounter a rich wildlife.
If you are ready to come and race in paradise, please complete your expression of interest and read the Notice of race.
All international boat will be host at the Cercle Nautique Calédonien. The Noumea Yacht Club offers Marina berth to all of you. Please contact us for more informations.

Bon vent & see you soon
The Groupama Race Team

Photo : Groupama race/ Patrice Morin
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