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Oyster’s Commitment to Superyacht Events - Members of the Afterguard toughing out the race conditions on board Oyster 825, Maegan
Winning Class C and securing second overall in the Palma Superyacht Cup 2015 demonstrates Oysters' commitment to this big boat sailing world. Maegan, the third Oyster 825 to be built, follows on from the Oyster group’s success over the past decade with seventeen Oyster 82’s, five Oyster 885’s, two Oyster 100’s and the Oyster 125 already on the water and with three more Oyster 825’s, one 885 and the exciting new Oyster 118 under contract and in build stages.

The latter yachts follow extensive tank testing and model development – preserving the interior comfort and cruising capability, and at the same time increasing competitiveness, now under the new Superyacht handicap rule.

Thus, with more than 30 yachts eligible for the Loro Piana, Palma Superyacht Cup and St Barths Bucket, Oyster is actively supporting owners to add these events to their calendars.

At least ten 80-foot yachts are expected in the exclusive Oyster Regatta* in Palma 29 Sept – 03 Oct '15 and seven yachts have confirmed their plans to enter the Loro Piana and Palma events in June '16.

In their recent meeting, Oyster CEO, David Tydeman, and Pier Luigi, Loro Piana, expressed their enthusiasm for an “Oyster Class” within the Loro Piana events.

Oyster Yachts

*We expect 30-40 yachts from 45ft to 100ft at the Oyster Regatta and we remain committed to the whole Oyster fleet with separate classes for smaller yachts family sailed yachts and the larger yachts.

Photo : © Oyster Yachts 2015
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