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2015 IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom European Championships - Day 1 - Almanarre Beach – Hyeres – France
Day 1: A long day

The first competition day started very smooth with the first skippers meeting at 10am.
Short after mid day the thermal winds slowly started to build up with winds from 11 to 16 knots. The day continued with increasing winds up to 22knots in the gusts.
Elimination 1 was completed with the following high lights:

Juniors: A new kid on the block from France Benjamin Adjihou came from nowhere surprising all of us with his solid performance in the juniors category, a kid to keep an eye on in the next coming days.

Youths: Nicolas Goyard from France the defending World Champion showed impressive skills by leading every heat he sailed, Damien Arnoux who has the most experience on the waters of Almanarre is not too far behind a strong sailor who also qualified for the finals in the second elimination. Slovenian Jan Kosmina the defending European Champion is a competitor you cant forget among the youths with his consistent performance he is one to keep an eye on during the next racing day.

Masters: Great battles between the Spanish sailor Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez, Markus Poltenstein from Austria and the strong Turk Erkan Morgan all of them showed great board speeds on the race course today.

Elimination 2 was scheduled in the afternoon with unstable winds from14 to 18 knots, every now and then the wind would increase and conditions allowed most rounds for the Juniors, Youths and Masters to be completed up to heat 5 and 6 ( until 19:45pm ). The finals are scheduled for tomorrow morning for the Juniors, Youths and Masters.
The females were released for the afternoon after completing 2 eliminations.

Females results after 2 eliminations
1. FRA-312 Marie-Eugenie Simonet
2. FRA-425 Dora Bijvoet
3. FRA-946 Heloise Macquaert
4.FRA-582 Lisa Godon
5.FRA-1026 Maé Davico

Juniors top 5 results after 1 eliminations
1.FRA-820 Benjamin Adjihou
2.ITA-353 Francesco Scagliola
3.FRA-888 Jimmy Thieme
4.BEL-39 Thomas Broucke
5.FRA-673 Yann Brancato

Youths top 5 results after 1 eliminations
1.FRA-465 Nicolas Goyard
2.FRA-848 Damien Arnoux
3.SLO-9 Jan Kosmina
4.FRA-9 Louis Rigaut
5.FRA-159 Thomas Merceur

Masters top 10 results after 1 Elimination
1.ESP-0 Alejandro Alcazar Rodriguez
2.AUT-30 Markus Poltenstein
3.TUR-611 Erkan Morgan
4.FRA-808 Eric Thieme
5.FRA-316 Rabetaud Gilles

A great first day for the 2015 IFCA JUNIOR, YOUTH & MASTERS SLALOM EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS here in Hyeres, Almanarre Plage.

Tomorrow the first skippers meeting of the first racing day is scheduled at 10am.

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Ruben Petrisie

Photo : Jeremy Lacave
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