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Plymouth - 'Britain's Ocean City' Awaits P1 Racers
Leaving behind the expanse of the Humber estuary, which was the venue earlier this month for the opening round of this year's UK SuperStock and AquaX race series, P1's powerboat teams and jet ski riders are now heading for 'Britain's Ocean City' of Plymouth. One would like to think that if Sir Francis Drake were still in situ he would break off from his game of bowls on The Hoe to welcome the P1 fleet.

Plymouth Sound, which has seen such famous events as the departure of Sir Francis Drake in 1577 on his voyage to circumnavigate the world and The Mayflower setting sail in 1620 bearing the Pilgrim Fathers, will host a weekend of high-speed action on 29th - 30th June. Round 2 will see eight P1 Panther race boats on the water and more than twenty AquaX riders, with racing getting underway at 4.00pm on Saturday and midday on Sunday.

Photo : P1 SuperStock
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