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#33 CL-Alpha Tumbles in Tampa P1 Debut - Cheoy Lee Tampa Race Results
The P1 Superstock debut in Tampa was tumultuous for the #33 CL-Alpha team as they fell from first to fourth place following a weekend of foul-ups and potential fouls.

The weekend started strong, as Paula and Gene Weeks won the drag-style qualifier to claim pole position in the first race, which they led until the last lap. "In the last half of the last lap Andy [Biddel] and Tracy [Blumenstein] closed about six boat lengths to beat us by a length," Gene Weeks lamented, referring to the #01 Team Pro Boat from New Jersey. "They came out of nowhere, which is so unusual in this class because everything is so equal."

What Weeks described as an "emotionally disappointing weekend" was made so in part by steering issues that hindered at least three boats in Sunday's racing and a potential penalty of an illegal pass of two boats that is under protest and review.

#33 Cl-Alpha is just one point behind #7 GD Environmental and #13 Space Coast, and 12 points down from Team Pro Boat. The team feels confident it has plenty of time to work the gremlins out before the next race in Cocoa Beach, Florida, August 23 - 24.

About Cheoy Lee:

Through 144 years and seven generations, quality, technology, superior design and performance have been the cornerstones of Cheoy Lee's heritage. In 1870, the company built steam-powered craft in Shanghai and later performance cargo vessels to outrun Japanese naval blockades. Cheoy Lee collaborated with the best naval architects, structural engineers and designers and in the 1950s, began producing teak sailing and motoryachts. Many still sail the waters today, a testament to the quality of construction and design that defines Cheoy Lee.

During the '60s, Cheoy Lee tested and developed fiberglass manufacturing techniques, displacing wood and strengthening its hulls. The company then pioneered the marine use of GRP/foam sandwich technology, with the milestone "Shango II," the world's then-largest, all GRP yacht at 130-feet. Two short years later, Cheoy Lee was innovating again with the first all-foam, cored production Cheoy Lee 48 Sport Yacht and the company continues its construction innovation to this day in it motor yacht and Express Yacht lines from 76-151 feet.

Photo : P1 Superstock/Cheoy Lee
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