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PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf - Day 4 - Tow-in qualifications completed as hopes turn towards tomorrow for completion of single elimination - Tonky tries some new shoes on whilst waiting for the wind

Hopes were high on the penultimate day of the PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf with a promising looking forecast, however the wind Gods weren’t on our side today as the breeze remained right on the limit for several hours, teasing most of the competitors out onto the water at some stage.

Max Matissek (Fanatic / North), Paul Simmerl (JP / NeilPryde), Nic Hibdige (Tabou / GA Sails) and Romain Pinocheau (F2 / Avanti / Maui Ultra Fins) were perhaps the unluckiest group of sailors as they involved in heat five, which was cancelled four times today alone and five times in total. However, each attempt proved to be unsuccessful with the wind refusing to play ball.

Heats six and seven were also started but with only moves such as grubbys, e-sliders and flakas being landed those heats soon suffered the same fate - with the decision being taken that the sailors were not being given a fair chance to demonstrate their true potential.

The sailors remained on hold until 4:45pm, but with the conditions failing to improve the fleet was released for the day.

Tomorrow’s forecast offers light to moderate winds from the Southeast, but it now looks as though it will be a race against time to gain a result if we are lucky with the wind. If a result is failed to be gained, it would be the first time since September 2011 that a freestyle event won’t have a result. The skippers’ meeting has been called for 10am tomorrow morning with the first possible start at 10:30am. Don't miss any of the action by tuning into www.pwaworldtour.com.

Photo : John Carter/pwaworldtour.com
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