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Catamaran l’Hydroptère.ch puts in an excellent performance on the Blue Ribbon course
The experimental catamaran l’Hydroptère.ch, crewed by Daniel Schmaeh, Stéphane Dyen, Gaël Ledoux, Guillaume Coyon and Cédric Pochelon, today went after the mythical Blue Ribbon speed record between Geneva and le Bouveret and back, a record held since 2007 by Décision 35, captained by Philippe Cardis, in 4 hrs 53 mins 19 secs.
Photo : © Loris von Siebenthal/HYDROS
DL00416900x600.jpg _LA04138900x600.jpg _LA04127900x600.jpg HYDROP24900x600.jpg HydroptereRB287.jpg