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The first Dehler 46 enters production
just a few months have passed since the initial plans for the new breathtaking Dehler model were presented at the "boot 2014" in Düsseldorf. The first hull with a length of 14.40 m and a width of 4.35 m was lifted from the negative mould last week and entered the production line at the Dehler shipyard in Greifswald.

The next step is the interior construction and connection with the deck, known as the marriage, which is planned for the middle of June. The first Dehler 46 will be completed in July and presented in time for the autumn boat shows.

The first images already clearly show the slim, dynamic lines of the new Dehler 46 with its elongated displacement distribution. The weight-optimised, hand-laminated vinylester hull with long water line is being built as a full sandwich with core cell core in an infusion process. The complete bottom structure with its extremely solid keel segment and all elements contributing to the stability of the boat are already connected structurally in the hull with the supporting compartments.

One unique selling point is the Dehler Carbon Cage®, or Dehler DCC® for short. The high-strength carbon fibres distribute the loads occurring from the hull and the rig over the entire boat and also give the hull a high torsional stiffness. The symbiosis of glass fibre and carbon joins together optimally, which is a major advantage compared with traditional constructions like steel frames. To improve the torsional stiffness and load distribution even further, the main bulkhead is made from high-strength composite.

You can look forward to many more details on the creation of a future icon in the coming weeks!

The countdown has begun!

Photo : Dehler
D13A-Marketing-HR-test3-08f6c.jpg D46_Production_062014-4bc24.jpg D46_hull_in_production_front_view-94955.jpg D46_hull_in_production_aft_view-293cc.jpg D46_milling_innerliner-b8504.jpg