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Dehler 46 nominated for "European Yacht of the Year" in the "Performance Cruiser" category

The Dehler 38 won the title “European Yacht of the Year” this year and the new Dehler 46 model is now also up for nomination
The jury responsible for choosing the "European Yacht of the Year" (EYOTY) announced their decision for this year's nomination over the past few days. The Dehler 46, presented for the first time earlier this year, is one of the winners in the "Performance Cruiser" category.
Jochen Rieker, editor-in-chief of the German sailing magazine YACHT and chairman of the EYOTY jury, explained the decision of the jury as follows: "After the victory of the 38 model in the performance cruiser category this year, the nomination of the Dehler 46 was on the cards. The EYOTY jury will be asking whether the new model from Greifswald is merely a big sister of the Dehler 38 or whether the shipyard will succeed in developing its successful concept further with a 14.40 meter hull length."
The prototype of the new Dehler 46 will leave the production halls at the Dehler shipyard in the next few days and set sail in its element - water.
Even on land, the Dehler 46 impresses with its powerful, elegant and dynamic design. The characteristic dynamic line is underlined by an aluminum strip above the side windows and gives the yacht its typical Dehler look.
Puristic design, clear versatility and passionate dynamics – combined in a sailing yacht that is guaranteed to impress. Sporty peak performance, innovative technology and impressive handling are guaranteed to win over the press and customers alike, as the new Dehler 46 impresses with every millimeter.

Photo : dehler
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