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Repairs for Aviva's Mainsail
With just over 4,000 miles to go to the finish line of the Vendée Globe, British yachtswoman Dee Caffari took advantage of the calmer conditions off the Brazilian coast to pay further attention to Aviva's mainsail. Since late December Caffari has suffered from a delaminating mainsail that has required numerous repairs. Caffari's work on the shredded sail seems to have stood her in good stead. Over the last ten days she has made up over 800 miles on fellow female competitor Sam Davies; Caffari is now in seventh position
Credit : Aviva
Roxy-Sunset_VG_27012009.jpg Roxy-My-foot_VG_27012009.jpg AVIV_10711_147799.WMV Sunday-25th-Jan_VG_26012009.jpg Roxy_Petole_24012009.JPG