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Sir Ben Ainslie and Francesco Bruni draw First Blood in Semis - Sir Ben Ainslie's crew hunker down in the light wind conditions in Semi final racing in the Argo Group Gold Cup They defeated Adam Minoprio in the only race of the day
“We got the win today against Taylor” Bruni said “and this is only the second time perhaps that we have met on the race course. He is young and I am somewhat like an older diesel engine and he is like a fast sports car so that is something we are up against.”

Photo : © Charles Anderson /Argo Group Gold Cup
Canfield_leads_Bruni_DSC_9908N.jpg Bruni_inips_Canfield_IMG_4950N.jpg Ainslie_CE0G9041N.jpg Bruni_defeated_Canfield_DSC_9943N.jpg Bjorn_Hansen_DSC_9869N.jpg