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Marine Results re-steps M5ís 89m mast in complex operation at Pendennis
In a complex operation on Saturday night lasting 5 hours and mainly in darkness, M5's impressive 89m mast was re-stepped. Over the next few days her full carbon fibre and titanium rig will be put in place, which use the same optical fibre technology installed on the America's Cup catamarans.

Photo : Pendennis
M5_Sail_trials_Pendennis_Andrew_Wright_photography_(3)_1_0.jpg M5_in_Falmouth_1_0.jpg 12-10-13,_M5_-_Stepping_Mast-41_1_0.jpg 12-10-13,_M5_-_Stepping_Mast-22_1_0.jpg 12-10-13,_M5_-_Stepping_Mast-15_1_0.jpg