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M5 in Falmouth
As the largest single-masted sailing yacht in the world, M5’s mast and rig are reflective of her size. When the yacht originally arrived at Pendennis as Mirabella V the mast and rigging weighed over 45 tonnes. However, part of the refit specification was to improve her rig and fittings replacing them with a system made of carbon fibre and titanium, designed and manufactured by Carbo-Link with OYS making the fittings. Although the mast and spreaders have remained original, the 34 new carbon fibre stays have been constructed with built-in dynamic fibre optics displaying the load through a central computer. There are also advanced chafe and wear monitoring systems inside each of the carbon foils. This is the first time that this technology has been installed on a superyacht, being previously engineered for use on America’s Cup AC45 wing-sailed catamarans.

Photo : Pendennis
M5_Sail_trials_Pendennis_Andrew_Wright_photography_(4)_1_0.jpg M5_Sail_trials_Pendennis_Andrew_Wright_photography_(3)_1_0.jpg M5_in_Falmouth_1_0.jpg 12-10-13,_M5_-_Stepping_Mast-41_1_0.jpg 12-10-13,_M5_-_Stepping_Mast-22_1_0.jpg