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BCU Canoe Polo Championship finals
Photo : onEdition 2006.
Free for editorial use image: A Viking, Derby, player (red vest) clashed with a FOAX player (Friends of Allenby Xclusive), from Liverpool, at the BCU Canoe Polo Championship finals, in the Waterside Arena at ExCeL, at the London Boat Show. Allenby (FOAX) went onto win 3-0.
CA-Kayak-P-S-Pavia-2VI1-6-A.jpg London_Boat_Show_2006_LBSd_M1803.jpg London_Boat_Show_2006_LBSd_M1769.jpg London_Boat_Show_2006_LBSd_M1729.jpg London_Boat_Show_2006_LBS06m_M0451.jpg