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Andrew Abrahams completes Talisker Whiskey - Atlantic Challenge - Andrew Abrahams at the 2012 SCIBS on the Concept 2 rowing machine
AFTER 57 days battling 40 foot waves, sea sickness and fatigue, Queensland’s champion rower Andrew Abrahams has completed the gruelling 3000 nautical mile Talisker Whisky -Atlantic Challenge and now has his feet on dry land.

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show sponsored champion steered his vessel named ‘RV Owen Cavanough’ into English Harbour in Antigua on January 31, where he was greeted by his parents and other competitors.

Mr Abrahams won the solo division of the race and was the only solo rower to
complete the challenge with an official time of 57 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes and 20 seconds.

Overall he secured seventh place against two and four man teams.

He set off on his solo expedition from San Sebastian, De La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 4 with the aim of raising $500,000 for Rochedale Springwood Lions Club, Queensland and The Couee Community Foundation which are instrumental in helping disadvantaged children.

Mr Abrahams’ spokesperson from Adventure4acure Home Team, Michael Mahon said he had raised $5,430.00 to date and urged people to get behind the worthy cause and support Andrew’s great work.

“Rowing 3000 nautical miles in itself is a challenge – add to that rough waves, two weeks of sea sickness, two broken oars and a broken autohelm, which meant he had to hand steer the boat, and you understand what Andrew has achieved,” said Mr Mahon.

“I was able to touch base with him throughout his journey, and he said he had waves the size of three storey buildings coming down on him, his whole vessel saturated including the cabin and his bed. At one stage Andrew was washed overboard and while climbing back onto the stern of the vessel he received a large gash in his leg.

“He has done an incredible job and his sponsors and supporters are all so proud of him and look forward to congratulating him when he touches down in Australia.”

While the sea leg of his journey is complete Mr Abrahams will continue rallying support for the cause by visiting schools throughout south east Queensland to share his story and raise further awareness of Adventure4aCure once his boat is shipped back to Australia.

Among his post-adventure appearances will be the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May which he has attended since 2011 and also broke the World Record at the Show in 2012 after rowing one million metres on the Concept 2 Rowing Machine in 119hrs 50mins 06secs.

Mulpha Sanctuary Cove head of events, Johan Hasser said he and the SCIBS team are thrilled to hear of Mr Abraham’s safe return and look forward to seeing him at SCIBS in May.

“Andrew has done an incredible job and we are all looking forward to hearing a story or two on his return to the show,” Mr Hasser said.

“We are pleased to be able to have supported Andrew on his journey and are so proud of what he has achieved.”

Mr Abrahams is the second Australian to attempt the challenge solo since 1997 which stipulates all rowers must be completely self-sufficient with no repairs, help, food or water provided throughout the race.

Photo : © Mark Burgin
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