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M32 collisions and capsizes in Gothenburg - Day 4
Despite conditions escalating for the final day of racing at the M32 Scandinavian Series in Gothenburg, Team US One maintained its grip on the fleet of high performance racing catamarans.

With winds gusting up to 25 knots, Team US One's skipper, Taylor Canfield, and his crew provided a masterclass in how to sail the one design M32. Both upwind and downwind Team US One always seemed to have an edge. The US Virgin Islander skipper commented: "We are absolutely delighted with our win here in Gothenburg. Our team is hard to beat and I think we showed everyone that today. We are now really looking forward to the event in Copenhagen in August."

Team Trifork, under co-skippers Jes Gram-Hansen and Rasmus Kostner, capsized spectacularly in the last race, but fortunately no one was injured in the incident. As Gram-Hansen explained: "We didn't get the daggerboard up and that made us tip over in the strong wind."

Capsize on YouTube

There was also drama for Essiq Racing Team, skippered by Nicklas Dackhammar, which hit a metal buoy in the final race. This not only caused severe damage to their catamaran but also a man overboard. "The crew was screaming, but I thought it was a different buoy they were screaming about," Dackhammar said. "I didn't see the one we hit. Apart from that, I am very happy with the weekend."
Crash and Man Over Board


1 Team Us One
2 Essiq Racing team
3 Wallén Racing
4 Alite Racing
5 Trifork racing
6 Rahm Racing
7 Hydra Racing team

See you in Copenhagen in August!

Photo : Adstream AB/M32 Series
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