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5.5m IC World Championship 2014: three challenging races completed on Day 4 - Stormy
Argentario, 25 September 2014 – Challenging weather conditions with extremely changeable winds ranging from 4 to 16 knots from the southeast veering to the northeast at the end of the day, sunshine and then dark menacing clouds on the fourth day of the 5.5m World Championship 2014 in Porto Santo Stefano. The three races completed today bring the total to five. After six races have been completed, the worst result shall be discarded; tomorrow, last day of racing, the leaderboard could change completely. The Awards Ceremony will be held at the 16th century Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano in the late afternoon of Friday 26 September.

Results Overall:

1 - Ali Baba – Flavio Marazzi (SUI224) (6-6-3-3-6/24pt)
2 - Artemis XIV – Kristian Nergaard (NOR57) (2-2-5-1-15/25pt)
3- John B - Gavin McKinney (BAH19) (3-3-2-16-4/28pt)

Flavio Marazzi on Ali Baba (SUI224) “We were always in the top six and have had a pretty good run. Our goal tomorrow is to cross the finish line in the first three positions so we have a chance for the podium but with the discard the game is still wide open”

Race Report

Race 1 - At 11.20 a.m., the 37 crews from Bahamas, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and Italy crossed the starting line under partially sunny skies with a 6-knot southeasterly breeze. From the first beat, the defending World Champion Markus Wieser on Mission Possible (GER79) pulls into the lead with John B - Gavin McKinney (BAH19) and Ali Baba – Flavio Marazzi (SUI224) in her wake. At mark 3, the sun burns through the clouds, the wind shifts to the left and at the end of the second run the course is set for 115. Fair weather only lasts one more leg and on the final run dark menacing clouds roll over Monte Argentario, the wind dies down as the fleet crawls towards the finish line. Results 1st Wieser (GER79) – 2nd McKinney (BAH19) - 3rd Marazzi (SUI224). Caracole - Bernard Haissly (SUI214) is OCS.

Race 2- Shortly before 2 p.m. the breeze picks up to 11-12 knots as the Race Committee sets the course for 140 degrees. McKinney (BAH19) calls over the line early and goes back to restart while Mission Possible (GER79) sails on the right hand side and Artemis XIV (NOR57) up the center of the course. At mark 1 Norwegian skipper Nergaard is in the lead followed by Topas III – Jack Frei (SUI217), by Arend Jan Pasman on Feng Shui (NED26) and by Flavio Marazzi’s Ali Baba (SUI224). At the end of the run sunny skies, occasional whitecaps and a brisk breeze from east-south east call for a course change to 115. Artemis XIV (NOR57) stretches out her lead and at the second leeward gate; Dutch Pasman (NED26) is second followed by Ali Baba (SUI224). Markus Wieser (GER79) closes the gap on the last two legs and crosses the finish line in fourth position. Results 1st Nergaard (NOR57), 2nd Arend Jan Pasman (NED26), 3rd Flavio Marazzi’s Ali Baba (SUI224)

Race 3- Third starting signal at half past three. The fleet is nervous and a general recall is issued. Next start under Black flag with the 36 yachts crowding the pin end. Most of the fleet sails to the left with wind from 125 degrees at 7-10 knots. Clouds gather once again and the wind shifts to the right. Fifteen minutes after the start at mark 1 Mission Possible - Wieser (GER79) is in command. At the leeward gate, the course is changed to reflect the wind rotation: Caracole - Bernard Haissly (SUI214) and Arend Jan Pasman (NED26) are on Mission Possible’s tail. Towards the Ancient Roman harbor of Talamone, a storm is building quickly and once again, the course is changed. The wind dies down on the last beat but on the final run, the breeze picks up once again as black clouds roll over the course. Results: At 5.20 p.m. Mission Possible - Wieser (GER79) cuts the finishing line in 1st place. Second Feng Shui (NED26) and third Caracole - Bernard Haissly (SUI214).

Videos of racing on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_kaMHFAoAZcy77mzTerekg/videos and pictures on https://www.facebook.com/YachtClubSantoStefano

The World Championship of the International 5.5 Metre Class is organized by the Yacht Club Santo Stefano, with the patronage of the Region of Tuscany, the Province of Grosseto, and the Municipality of Monte Argentario and with the support of the Pro Loco of Porto Santo Stefano.

Sponsors of the event include Tenuta Agricola dell'Uccellina, NYL FTS and Argentarola srl, the Cantiere Navale dell’Argentario, the Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto and the Nurseries Garden Vivai Mediterranei. The Consortium LaMMA provides detailed weather forecasts for the racecourse.

Info: http://www.ycss.it/ - http://www.5point5worlds.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5.5Class?fref=ts
Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_kaMHFAoAZcy77mzTerekg/videos

Photo : Lanfrancotti
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