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C. Thomas Clagett Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta The Clagett launches its Boat Grant Program Initiative - Sonar at 2015 Clagett clinic day
NEWPORT, R.I. (June 26, 2015) – Known as an organization that is a leader in providing opportunities for disabled sailors and participants, the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta launched The Clagett Boat Grant Program initiative at the Sail Into Summer Cocktail Party and Auction fundraiser, held in Newport, RI on June 4th. Today co-founder and President Judy McLennan announced and explained the program to the assembled sailors in town for the start of the thirteenth Clagett Clinic and Regatta.

This initiative, the first of its kind in the USA for sailors with disabilities, will allow The Clagett to help expand the number of new sailors, using adaptive equipment, to sail and compete in regattas and community sailing programs. These boats would be loaned to sailors who fulfill the grant application requirements.

Ron Hopkins, Vice President and Principle Race Officer of the Clagett, has been an important part of the team that has worked on the creation of this program to benefit adaptive sailors in the USA.

The Clagett Boat Grant Program will be offered to a qualified North American sailor or team through a stringent selection process and will provide an adaptive race ready boat, trailer, insurance, and limited traveling expenses to a qualified classified sailor.

The life of a Boat Grant will be made for a period of up to four years, with an annual review by the Clagett Boat Grant Committee. A mentor will be assigned to each grantee. Each year the grantee will be evaluated on their responsibility fulfillment, sportsmanship, and ability to maintain the boat. At the end of the four years the grantee will have the opportunity to purchase the boat or turn it back to the Committee to be re-outfitted and used again by a new sailor.

"The launch of this initiative will enable The Clagett to assist adaptive sailors to "Reach for Success", We have kicked this program off with a bang having secured approximately $40,000 to date with pledges at all levels. I would like to thank Ron Hopkins for his forethought in relation to this program and how The Clagett could adapt the Lightning class concept for use by the Clagett," commented Judy McLennan (Portsmouth, RI), co-founder and President of The Clagett.

The initial Boat Grant Program budget of $75,000, plans to put both a Sonar and a 2.4mR boat in the hands of qualified sailors. Insurance for this program will be provided by a subsidiary company of long-term Clagett sponsor AIG.

For more information on how to support and apply for The Clagett Boat Grant Program, visit www.clagettregatta.org

About the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta: Founded in 2003, the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta honors the late Tom Clagett (1916-2001), a U.S. Navy World War II veteran who learned to sail on Chesapeake Bay. As a youngster he suffered temporary paralysis as the result of a bout of meningitis; an experience that left him with a deep respect for the accomplishments of people with disabilities. The Clagett’s stated mission is "to assist sailors in realizing their potential on the water by providing them both the knowledge and tools to improve their skills and the opportunity to use these skills in competition". Tom Clagett's motto was "Reach for Success", which resonates with every Clagett participant. The event includes all three boats that have been chosen as the equipment of the Paralympic classes: the three-person Sonar, the two-person SKUD-18 and the singlehanded 2.4 Metre. Clagett competitors have seen medal success at the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games. Competitors often comment that, The Clagett, has improved their quality of life as they apply what is achieved on the water to everyday situations.

Photo : Clagett Regatta-Billy Black.
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