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New Caledonia Groupama Race 2014 - 2 days to go! - Crusader
On Sunday morning at 10hr in Noumea, the “ off” will be sounded for the 4th edition of the Around New Caledonia sailing race. The Groupama Race is the longest windward leeward race in the world : 300 miles down wind, 300 miles up wind. Seven boats are enrolled; Franck Cammas is the co-skipper of Keel Bill Groupama which is a protoype of 35 feet with a canting keel. In real time, she will have hard competition from her New Zealand sister ship, Crusader, a racing yacht constructed in carbon in 2012. For the “crew regatta” assisted by corrected time, the battle for the podium announces competitive.

There are 7 boats between 30 and 50 feet who will be engaged during 3,4 or 5 days at sea, with a choice of tactics, either to tack or change jib, or to use spinnaker or close haul, through fog, fatigue, sea turtles, and swell, these will be the difficulties faced during this time and why the Skipper of the year Franck Cammas stated that this race is tactical and difficult.

Groupama Race by Franck Cammas

" What better race course than the most beautiful lagoon in the world, World Heritage listed, in which to face and defy the elements? The first quality on offer in the Groupama race, is its route : 600 miles, all around a magical island that is New Caledonia, it’s a long race. After, it is its position, 600 miles under often difficult conditions, head winds and tail winds, conditions which demand well thought out tactical choices. We constantly have to choose between changing course or keeping up speed and all of this in the Trade Winds which are often very strong, on average around 20 knots with difficult seas. 600 miles under these conditions is wearing for the crew and the boats. Finally, the tactics and strategies are very open because of the head winds or tail winds during the entire course! The Groupama race is a fabulous race, a regatta which is passionate in a magical setting. "

You also can compete in the Groupama Race without getting your feet wet!!!!

From Sunday, if you want to sail around the largest lagoon in the world, it is possible, at least virtually. No need to put on your waterproofs, safety harness or to stock up with dried food, you only need your computer, tablet or Smartphone and an Internet connexion. Enrole right now on the site www.groupamarace.nc at Groupama virtual. The official departure date is 19th October at midday (Noumea time) choose your course, follow the weather forecast and make your tactical choices. A really intelligent video game which will allow you to race Franck Cammas’ boat along with all the other participants.

OPT-NC and our partners are offering prizes for the first 10 winners: High quality label tablets, equipment ‘label Franck Cammas’ an Atlas of New Caledonia, and official T- Shirts. Value up to 200 000Cfp (plus 1600 euros)

Photo : Groupama Race
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