UK. Climate Change Minister backs Clean Planet Trust

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Ian Pearson MP, Minister of State, Climate Change and the Environment, today opened the launch proceedings for PURE - The Clean Planet Trust, and made a supportive speech. PURE is a new charity that provides individuals and organisations with a package to offset carbon footprints and drive down industrial and transport C02 emissions.

PURE is the first UK charity dedicated to combating climate change and is a simple way for individuals and businesses to directly support the Kyoto process. Anyone can offset their carbon footprint immediately at

PURE offsets carbon dioxide emissions by buying up the high quality, regulated carbon credits allocated to industry. PURE's trustees cancel the credits to put them beyond use. By removing these quotas, donations help finance projects worldwide that reduce emissions and limit the amount of carbon dioxide that polluting companies are allowed to release into the atmosphere.

Climate Change and Environment Minister Ian Pearson said: "The Government welcomes the launch of Pure Trust's carbon offsetting scheme. The Scheme offers credits that have been generated from emissions reductions that are regulated, verified and for which there is a clear audit trail.

"We are looking at what the Government can do in this area to help both consumers and industry, and hope to make an announcement in the next few weeks."

Phil Wolski, head of fund raising at PURE, said: "There is pent-up demand from businesses and individuals to make a real difference to climate change. This is made plain by the level of support we have received today. Our target is to offset 1 million tonnes of C02 within our first 12 months. This would cancel the annual pollution belched out by a medium-sized UK power station. PURE is a simple and transparent way to create a cleaner atmosphere and its effect is felt faster than any offsetting alternative available today."

PURE has speedy impact on cutting carbon emissions. By removing a licence, C02 emissions are cut within 12 months of its issue.

Initial supporters of PURE include: The European Commission (has offset its 'Green Week' activities); Aurom (mobile telephone recycling); Teachers Building Society; Lord Turner of Ecchinswell (former Director General of the CBI); The Carbon Disclosure Project.

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