Primo Cup Trophee Credit Suisse : Falkone wins the second day in Monaco

Saturday, 12 February 2011

One race was more than enough today – Saturday 12 February -  for changing completely the Platu 25 ranking list. A very weak wind allowed just one race to be competed.

The German “Falkone” helmed by Falko Knabe gained many positions and conquered the top, moving from the fourth to the first position. With a fifth and discarding the yesterday OCS, “Falkone” is now leading the Platu 25 fleet.

Also, the Italian “Nanuk” helmed by Luigi Ravioli, came from behind and now it takes the second position, (same points as “Falkone”). Today for “Nanuk” was a perfect day: it conquered a brilliant second and it could discard the yesterday OCS.

The Swiss “Like a Vergin” helmed by Mathias Bermajo kept a podium position but lost the first place: at the moment it has to be satisfied with a third place (just one point at the back of “Falkone” and “Nanuk”).

As predicted, also the German “Farr Bar” helmed by Jens Ahlgrimm is going up again: with an other fantastic first place, the Ahlgrimm’s team conquered a good fourth place (just one point faraway from the podium). The German boat “Kyra” – yesterday, it was second in the ranking list -  slid to the fifth place, followed by the Italian “6Bizzosa” that yesterday tasted the flavour of the third place.

Tomorrow  three races are scheduled, weather permitting. An exiting competition is expected among “Falkone”, “Nanuk”, “Like a Vergin” and “Farr Bar”. Everything will be still decided tomorrow.

RANKING LIST after four races (1 discard)

Sabrina Bonaiti

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