UK. Falmouth Coastguard coordinates rendesvous with yachtsmen & rowers in the mid Atlantic

Wednesday, 09 February 2011

Yacht with steerage difficulties goes to the assistance of charity ocean rowers in the mid Atlantic.

Falmouth Coastguard has been coordinating two long range incidents in the Atlantic over the last few days. This evening the two incidents came together, to provide a successful conclusion for one of them, with the supply of food to the rowers on ‘Papa Delta’ from the crew of the yacht ‘White Whisper’.

Last Friday, Falmouth Coastguard was contacted by the father of two ex Royal Marine brothers who were rowing the Atlantic from the Canaries to Antigua in aid of charity.  They had been swamped in heavy seas and a large proportion of their food had been lost overboard or contaminated.  They no longer had sufficient food to complete their voyage. 

The next day the Coastguard was contacted by the 14metre yacht ‘White Whisper’ which had suffered storm damage to its steering gear and wished to maintain a communications schedule, there were four crew aboard.

Ian Guy, Watch Manager, Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, says:

"The yacht was several hundred miles behind the rowers but was following roughly the same track. As the yacht was going faster than the rowers we requested that they may be able to assist the rowers, by supplying them with food.  At 9pm this evening (Tuesday) the yacht successfully met up with the rowers and passed them enough food to complete their trip.

We continue to monitor the progress of the two vessels who are now both heading for Antigua.”

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 09 February 2011 )