China. Beijing International Convention Center to host Eco Expo 2007

Monday, 27 November 2006

China Eco Expo is well on its way to becoming the signature event for international products, technologies and expertise that will help China overcome its environmental challenges and move towards a sustainable economy. Some recent developments include:

Exhibit  Pavilions                                                                                                                          National pavilions are being planned for Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Canada plus the California Energy Commission, the International Trade Administration, the International Fund for China Environment and the 2008 ( all pavilions are subject to final confirmation )


Recent additions to the list of international speakers include: David Anderson-Fmr Env Minister CA, senator Barbara Boxer*,  Hon, Kim Campbell-Club of Spain*,  Larisa Dobriansky-DOE, David Dollar-World Bank, S. David Freeman-Chair LA Ports, Vice President Al Gore*,  Charles Griffith, Architect,  G.M. Kapteijn-Amsterdam Waste&Energy,  Mark Levine, LBL, Hon Ed Markey D Mass, Tim Osborne- CEC, Joanne Fox-Przworsky , Gary Starr-ZAP,  Achim Steiner* -UNEP, Benjamin Taub-GreenGuard,  Paul Wuebben-SCAQMD,  *invited. 
Conference Program

Recent additions to the program include:

A full day seminar on doing business in China, including intellectual property issues, for Exhibitors and international attendees, presented by The U.S. Department of Commerce and Team China.

Hosting a two day Mayors Asian Pacific Environmental Summit (MAPES) conference. Previous MAPES conferences have drawn up to 500 mayors in attendance. (subject to finalization of sponsorship)

A conference of the 2006 International Forum on Environmental Legislation and 
Sustainable Development, (subject to final approval by the Peoples Congress Environmental Committee)

Green Office of the Future:
Distinguished U.S. Architects James Polshek & Assoc. will design and supervise a Green Office of the Future model building Exhibit in association with Walter Scott Perry head of Ecotech Architects. The exhibit will feature technologies and products from GE, Trane, Shaw, Dupont, Owens Corning, BASF, Honeywell, TAC Schneider, Armstrong and many others..

International Sponsors

Greenguard Environmental Institute, US China Business Council and Cleantech Investments have joined International fund for China Environment Woodrow Wilson Institute California Energy Commission Institute for Sustainable Development, EMSI - Environmental Management, Oriental Environmental Institute, Earth Council Alliance, China Council for Environmental Development and Globalization Partners as international co-sponsors of China Eco Expo.

Partners and Personnel

We are pleased to announce an alliance with Globalization Partners International (GPI)) to provide expert translation services for all China Eco Expo participants.  GPI specializes in environmental technology and can accurately translate all materials into Chinese from over 75 different languages  GPI will work with your in-house documentation teams to translate and desktop publish sales brochures, labels, user manuals and warranty information. GPI can also translate and create full websites, presentations and instructional videos. Special discounts for our participants.

China Eco Expo is a major trade show and conference dedicated to showcasing international technology, products and expertise to be used in China's great move towards a sustainable economy. China Eco Expo is sponsored by the highest ministries and agencies of the Chinese government. It is an historic opportunity for international companies to establish or expand their share of the world’s largest and fastest growing environmental market

China Eco Expo April 4-6, 2007 Beijing International Convention Center

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