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Italy. Ingemar extends Mediterranean operations to contruct floating yacht installations in Algeria & Libya

Monday, 24 May 2010

Moorings with new multi-purpose floating pontoons by Ingemar, under the 'Made in Italy' trademark, 'land' on the African continent bringing new life to two Mediterranean tourist ports in Algeria and Libya. Ingemar's international reputation was the decisive factor in acquiring these two important commissions, as well as the fact that the two port constructors have worked well with Ingemar in the past on the marinas of Novigrad and Hammamet.

Port de Peche de Stora (Algeria). The asignment at Stora is to enlarge the existing fishing port by building an inner basin for both professional and sporting fishing boats, as well as creating an external basin for tourist yachts.
This initiative is the result of previous cooperation between Ingemar and INGRA of Zagabria (Croatia), which has for some time been operating in Algeria.
The new port at Stora will provide space for 320 boats of 6 to 30 mts in length, which will be moored partly on the piers and partly on Ingemar's floating pontoons.
The fingers, anchored by chains and deadweights, will extend for an overall length of approximately 300 mts and will be constructed with galvanised steel frames, tropical hardwood decking and floating elements of concrete with expanded polystyrene nucelii. The pontoons will be of the King size type, 3 mts wide, to moor tourist yachts whereas the moorings for fishing boats will be 2.5 mts wide.

Porto di Andalous Marina (Tripoli - Libya). This is the first time that Ingemar's floating pontoons have been used along Libya's coastline: the firm of Etraph from Tunis (Tunisia) chose Ingemar to supply floating pontoons creating the first tourist port at Tripoli, which will be part of a new, modern hotel and residential complex at Citè Andalous.
For this commission the pontoons will be constructed of aluminium and placed parallel to the piers, to which they will be connected by a system of girders and sliding devices, and also in part placed at right angles and anchored to the sea bed by chains and deadweights.

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