Americas Cup: Cayard, Iím out of here, and Bonnafous, Nobody regrets, clash

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Cayard packs his bags

No wind again! Where are we? 2 for 8?  For sure we are in trouble. I am going home to SF. When the wind comes up, my friends at La7 are going to call me and I will come back. Actually, maybe I should go with a big suitcase and get some wind and bring it back from SF.

I think things are going to deteriorate between America's Cup Management and the challengers pretty quickly. Another day or two lost and the challengers will be in quite a bit of trouble with their schedule. This is the first Cup where the challenger series is being run by an entity appointed by the defender. It used to be bad enough just having the Cup itself run by the defender. ACM's unwillingness to accommodate and cooperate with the challengers is terrible. It is their series after all. The point of the Louis Vuitton Cup is to select the challenger who will face Alinghi in the finals. How can you have that series controlled by a sister company to Alinghi? If things were going well and fair then it may be acceptable, but they are not.

Anyway, I am out of here for a while. It is not my problem this time. I am going home to see my family and be a dad for a week or so.

Paul Cayard

Michael Bonnafous defends the location chosen by Alinghi.

Sailing is that way. You can’t sell pears if they’re apples”. That’s what the Challenge Commision president (Alessandra Pandarese) uttered yesterday, “Comparing sailing with Formula1 motor racing is incorrect”, she remarked. You can’t do anything if there’s no wind.

The ACM president, (the company organising the event), spoke in similar terms, “The actual weather forecast conditions are unusual. Nobody”, Michael Bonnafous said, “regrets to have chosen Valencia as the location of the America’s Cup”.

 Criticisms are increasing over the idea of whether or not,  to have decided to celebrate the event during this month in Valencia when many consider that the summer winds have not yet developed and will possibly ruin the whole party.  As a consecuence of this situation and after consulting with the commision of challengers, AC Management, as the head  of the organization of the 32nd America’s Cup and the Louis Vuitton Cup, has decided to modify the competition”. The changes mean the elimination of the rest days during the different flights. The semifinal will definitely start on the 14th of May, say AC Management.

The Spanish team are 100% behind this decision, as are all the other teams. “To compete in this wind is absurd”, said Augustin Zulueta, the director of Desafio Español, “To criticize the site of the 32nd America’s Cup is stupid.  All we have had is bad, bad luck.”

William Wallace/BYM News


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