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USA. The Lear Electric Boats exhibits its 204 at Newport Beach Boat Show

Friday, 20 April 2007

Since the days of paddle-wheel steamers, power boats have been churning up the waters, eroding the shore line and polluting lakes, rivers and bays across America. Conventional boats of every description are disturbing the environment with the roar of powerful engines, the pollution of hydrocarbon laden exhaust, shore-line damaging wakes and dangerous speeds that threaten life and limb.

The LEAR 204 is a totally new concept in electric boating unlike any boat heretofore seen on the waterways of America. The LEAR 204 is the product of a collaboration between Terry Baylor, an accomplished boat builder with the vision to build a better electric boat, and his wife Shanda Lear, daughter of famed Learjet inventor Bill Lear. The Lear-Baylor team have built a state of the art boat for people who want to enjoy being on the water without damaging the water, the shore line or the tranquility of the aquatic environment or the neighbors.

The LEAR 204 quietly cruises along at about six miles per hour without creating a bow wave. Like a swan gracefully crossing a pond with just a hint of a wake, it glides silently, powered by an electric motor which will run over 10 hours on a single charge. The batteries can be recharged at the dock from any 110 volt 30 amp outlet.  No smelly gasoline or diesel fuel is required. There is no noisy, foul smelling or poisonous exhaust. And, there is no risk of explosion from fuel vapors. Since the power plant is electric, no winterizing is required to keep the motor from freezing no matter how cold it gets.

The LEAR 204 is two boats in one. With the hardtop down, it a beautifully sleek convertible with comfortable seating for two that is ideal for a leisurely cruise to a cozy waterfront restaurant. With the retractable hardtop up, the boat becomes a luxurious 10-12 passenger watercraft ideal for a family day trip, dinner parties on the water or sight seeing trips. The transformation is effortless. All it takes is the touch of a button for the four powerful electric motors to safely raise or lower the hardtop.

While Terry Baylor has expertly seen to the technically innovative design of the LEAR 204, Shanda Lear has brought a woman's touch to this engineering masterpiece. As graceful as a swan, as rugged as a tug: the LEAR 204 is a new concept in greener, gentler and more gracious electric boating.


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