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Netherlands. New Sikkens marine products offer enhanced UV protection

Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Sikkens Cetol® Marine products now feature Next Wave™ Technology. The next generation Cetol Marine provides enhanced UV protection, durability and longevity. “Our unique Next Wave Technology acts like a sunscreen to deflect and scatter harmful UV rays. Cetol Marine Natural Teak was the first product to include Next Wave Technology and now we are offering it in all Cetol Marine products,” said Brian Waple, Product Manager for International Paint.

Cetol Marine with Next Wave Technology protects wood from the elements and the demanding marine environment. It has excellent weathering properties and more importantly, it is flexible allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of wood which prevents cracking. Cetol Marine is also micro-porous allowing moisture to escape from the wood which will prevent blistering and flaking of the finish.

Cetol Marine is specially formulated with one goal in mind, to protect wood and keep it looking beautiful throughout the season with the least amount of maintenance possible.

The Cetol® Marine Products Range:
Cetol® Marine has an attractive, dark amber appearance on wood.
Cetol® Marine Light has a light amber appearance on wood.
Cetol® Marine Natural Teak has a rich golden color that will enhance the natural beauty and grain of wood.
Cetol® Marine Gloss is a clear, hard-wearing, high gloss protective wood finish, developed as a topcoat for Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light and Cetol Marine Natural Teak for when a gloss finish is desired (not for use on decks, however).

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 April 2009 )