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Netherlands. ISO and ABYC Standards Harmonisation Initiative

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

A meeting was held at METS on Monday 13 November between the Chairman of ISO TC 188, ICOMIA and ABYC to take forward the harmonisation of ISO and ABYC standards, which was set in motion at the International Marine Standards Summit held in Annapolis in May this year.

The meeting agreed the following:

The purpose of boat industry standards is to achieve an acceptable level of safety in a product while contributing to the international trading of goods. Recognising the international dimension of our industry, at present a globally adopted set of standards does not exist.

Therefore the objective of this Standards’ Harmonisation Initiative is to achieve one globally accepted specification for use by all stakeholders. ABYC and ISO have started the process, but others are encouraged to participate. This Initiative will:

Identify the applicable standards and/or regulations which affect stakeholders
Prioritise the standards to be addressed and set timelines for action
Compare and contrast the relevant standards
Tabulate the meaningful differences
Publish these differences to industry as a tool for compliance (ICOMIA Global Conformity Guidelines)
Ensure Reviews of the standards address the meaningful differences and seek to resolve them

Therefore the outcome of such a review will deliver either a harmonised standard or revised ICOMIA Global Conformity Guidelines.

This methodology will be used as a pilot test for Fuel (H24 / H33 / ISO 10088 / ISO 21487) between now and early February. Once the results of this test have been evaluated, TC 188 and ABYC will issue guidance to their working group leaders.

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