Nairobi. Climate Change speech by Stavros Dimas at UN Framework Convention

Monday, 20 November 2006

Mr President, distinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are fully aware of the need to increase access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

In this context, we emphasize that effective action on the scale required to win the battle against climate change requires a widespread shift to new or improved technology in key sectors such as energy and transport. Closer collaboration between governments and industry is needed to further stimulate the development of a broad portfolio of low carbon technologies and reduce costs.

Earlier this week, we all heard the UN Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan, announcing the Nairobi Framework. We strongly support this initiative launched here in Nairobi at the opening of the High-Level Segment of 12th Conference of the Parties and the 2nd COP/MOP.

That is why we are calling on leading public and private decision makers to form a global alliance. Together, we will increase innovative public-private financing solutions to accelerate the deployment and transfer of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies from developed to developing countries.

The EU will continue to lead. You heard Finland –speaking earlier on behalf of the EU – mention a number of significant initiatives already under way and well funded.

The Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund, or GEEREF, recently launched by the European Commission is a very concrete example of how to make capital and technology transfer work in practice.

The European Commission has already announced that it will contribute € 80 million to GEEREF over the next 4 years. The first contribution of € 15 million in 2007 will support private business in the African, Caribbean, and Pacific regions.

Today the Government of Germany has agreed to contribute an additional € 24 million over the same period.

Also today, the Government of Italy has announced it will contribute € 8 million over 4 years.

With these new pledges, the total Fund size has reached € 112 million. More Member States and European and International Finance Institutions are considering their participation.

Mr President, Delegates.

This pilot initiative can mobilise investment of up to € 1 billion to help overcome the financing barriers faced by technology transfer projects, particularly CDM projects. It could thus provide concrete and practical solutions to addressing the equitable distribution of CDM activities in Africa and other poorer regions.

We invite developed country and business leaders as well as investors to follow this example and come forward with similar initiatives by the 13th Conference of the Parties.

Thank you

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