Volvo Ocean Race: It hurts to sail the unfavoured gybe says Bouwe Bekking from Telefonica Blue

Monday, 27 October 2008

2,907 miles to go Capetown. Half an hour later, 2,912 miles to go to Capetown!!!!! What is wrong with this picture? Last night we had to sail the unfavoured jibe several times, as we were getting too close to the ridge of high pressure. So we actually had to sail away from Capetown to stay in the breeze. It is impossible to describe what the feeling inside is, for myself or Sifi . It just hurts badly, by just looking at the numbers, and knowing that you sail a course 180 degrees away from that point you want go, it just goes against your nature.  But we know that this was the right call. It is like driving in your car, and there is brick wall ahead of you. You keep going straight you know you are in trouble , as you will hit the wall and most likely come to a full stop. Better drive a couple of extra meters to get around the wall , and keep moving. So a relativly small loss compare to the other boats right now, but as the low pressure is arriving it is very likely that the rich are getting richer, for us it was damage control and to stay in touch with the leaders.

Yesterday evening was used for a full maintenance and servicing of all equipment. Patán and Xabi, serviced again all the winches, Pepe was up the rig to check everything, and Laurent did some work on the sails. Jordi has been working on the new design of our running spinnaker, for which the first panels will have to be cut tomorrow, so that it will be ready for use in the next leg. With only 24 sails for the entire race, you have to be careful, not to 'burn' to many sails in early days. So this new sail we had not planned for, as orginial this sail was supposed to last until China. No real problem, we had some spare cards,(sails not planned yet) but we will have to re-think the strategy for building new sails.



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