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UK. Actisense launches new pre-configured NDC-4

Tuesday, 09 September 2008


Actisense, the leading marine electronics brand from Active Research, based in Poole, Dorset has introduced even more flexibility into the best-selling NDC-4 NMEA data multiplexer.

The NDC-4 allows connection of up to five NMEA talker devices with the combined data from all inputs copied to the ISO-Drive NMEA outputs.

To make things easy for Actisense customers, there is now the option to have the NDC-4 factory preconfigured for AIS operation or as an Autoswitch, making it the most versatile Actisense product yet.

By having the NDC-4 factory preconfigured, it can be used straight out of the box, without needing configuration in the field. Thereafter, any factory preconfigured option can be changed by the user as and when required.

When the NDC-4 is preconfigured for AIS operation (NDC-4-AIS), one input is set to 38400 baud and the NMEA filter prevents any AIS data from going out of the low speed (4800 baud) output.

Alternatively, the Autoswitch preconfigured option (NDC-4-ASW) automatically switches data from one of four NMEA 0183 input devices to the two NMEA 0183 outputs (by default one at 38400, one at 4800), by determining the highest priority device with good data. This makes the NDC-4-ASW ideal for switching between multiple GPS or AIS devices.

Phil Whitehurst, Managing Director, Active Research said “Due to high levels of customer demand, we have introduced these two new model codes, which allows pre-ordering of our most popular NDC-4 configurations. Customers will be able to install the unit within minutes - and without needing a PC present to change the settings.”

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