Denmark & UK. Vestas Technology R&D sponsors world sailing record contender

Friday, 16 May 2008

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Maximal use of wind power and cutting edge technology are the main reasons behind Vestas Technology R&D’s sponsorship of SailRocket.

The Vestas SailRocket Team behind this project will this year try to be the fastest sailing boat in the world being the first to go 50 knots (91.7 km/h). The unique design of the Vestas SailRocket gives maximal impact from the wind. The vessel travels around 2.2 times wind speed, so in order to go 50 knots it only requires 23 knots of wind.

The Vestas SailRocket team and Vestas have a lot in common. We both strive for getting the maximal power out of the wind. As the No. 1 in Modern Energy, Vestas is the leading company in wind generating technology, and the Vestas SailRocket Team will be fighting for a number one position,” says Finn Strøm Madsen, President of Vestas Technology R&D.

A number of teams around the world are attempting to be the first to break through 50 knots. There is everything from simple kite-surfers up to hydrofoiling trimarans.

The current record for the outright world speed sailing record is 49.09 knots, and so far the Vestas SailRocket has reached 44 knots. Now it is time to break boundaries and set new standards.

It is probably the most amazing race you will see. It involves an incredible array of sailors and disciplines spread all over the world trail blazing the boundaries of what is possible with wind and water. The ultimate goal for us is to be the fastest whatever that speed need to be.” says Paul Larsen, Team Leader of Vestas SailRocket Team. The Vestas SailRocket is designed by Malcolm Barnsley, Testing Specialist at Vestas Technology R&D, Isle of Wight, UK.

Vestas’ SailRocket utilises a unique concept of geometric balance, which means great power can be harnessed without reliance on weight. In this way, the tendency to capsize or lift off is removed – in fact, there is no stability limit only a strength limit,” Malcom Barnsley explains.

The team behind the boat will use the coming months testing and improving the vessel. Team leader, Paul Larsen, expects that the final attempts for breaking the record will be initiated around October 2008.

Last Updated ( Friday, 16 May 2008 )