UK. Champagne G.H. Mumm launches Cordon Rouge Club for explorers and adventurers

Thursday, 01 May 2008

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Bear Grylls inducted some of the UK’s best-loved explorers and adventurers as members of the new Cordon Rouge Club at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Tuesday 29th April.  Launched by Champagne G.H. Mumm, the Club is set to be a unique forum for celebrating extraordinary human achievements within the realms of exploration, sailing, adventure and discovery.  

Club members will meet on an annual basis to celebrate with Champagne G.H. Mumm and approve and induct other like-minded, inspiring individuals.  Chairman Bear Grylls presented a commemorative engraved Champagne Sabrage* Sword to each of the 17 members. 

Explaining the reasoning behind the launch, Head of Champagnes at Pernod Ricard UK Chris Seale said: “Since the House was founded in 1827, Champagne G.H. Mumm has consistently encouraged and supported extraordinary individuals.  This spirit is perhaps best summed up by a photograph showing French explorer Captain Jean-Baptiste Charcot, a friend of founding father Georges H Mumm, celebrating reaching the South Pole with a bottle of G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge in 1904. 

“We wanted to create an official forum to bring together and recognise these outstanding achievers and we’re delighted to have had such an outstanding turnout for our inaugural Cordon Rouge Club event.”

Cordon Rouge Club 2008 Founding Members:

Bear Grylls - adventurer, and Club Chairman for 2008
Tom Avery - Polar adventurer
Charley Boorman - Motorcyclist and adventurer
Dee Caffari MBE - Round-the-world yachtswoman
Ben Fogle - Trans-Atlantic rower and adventurer
Mike Golding OBE- Round-the-world yachtsman
David Hempleman-Adams MBE OBE - Polar balloonist and adventurer
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - Round-the-world yachtsman
Neil Laughton - Everest mountaineer and adventurer
Dame Ellen MacArthur - Round-the-world yachtswoman
Ewan McGregor - Motorcyclist and adventurer
Olly and Suzi - Expedition adventurer artists
Ben Saunders - Polar adventurer
Oliver Steeds - Tribal expert and adventurer
Brian Thompson - Round-the-world yachtsman
Patrick Woodhead - Antarctic adventurer

The launch meeting of the Cordon Rouge Club began with a special archive presentation by Alistair Macleod of the Royal Geographical Society, demonstrating the extraordinary role played by Champagne in expeditions for nearly 200 years.

The founding members then continued to The Travellers Club in Pall Mall for a special celebratory dinner as guests of Champagne G.H. Mumm.  

* The time honoured art of le sabrage or sabre à champagne (opening a bottle with a sabre) is the most traditional way to open a bottle of champagne. Dating back to Napoleonic days, it involves using a sword to cleanly slice the end and the cork off a bottle. Reputedly, this technique was used by Napoleon’s soldiers because as they rode off on horseback they were unable to open the bottles, so whilst keeping control of the horse they drew their sabres and beheaded the bottle with a stroke of the blade.

Photo: Brian Thompson, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Mike Golding and Dee Caffari etc, etc © Steve Shipman

Sophy Williams


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